About Us

Heinz Schlanghaufer:

had been working for the past 25 years in digital printing and inkjet industry. During that time he was holding mainly head of production, business development, R&D, manufacturing and other related positions.

His past 5 job positions have been with:

Xeikon BV – Development industrial applications
– developing and intruducing of new solutions for food and decoration Industrie e.g Jokey Plastik, Kamann, CeWe color
main focus on transfer and surface in collaboration with e.g Frauenhof Institut

AGFA Inkjet division – Business Development for industrial Inkjet
responsible for industrial single pass application packaging and sign and graphics,
R&D projects in Germany, China and South Korea for integrated production workflows (from order to shipping)

Palis GmbH – Business Development and new technologies for Single pass inkjet in decor Industry
– established the first water based single-pass-inkjet at Interprint
– development of the first water based single-pass-inkjet line solution in food industry for WIPAK
– conception of next generation single-pass-inkjet machinery for flooring Industrie e.g. Palis 2250 at Schatt Dekor

Tiger coatings/inks – responsible for inkjet related projects in decor industry
– development of new ink solutions costumers like Kaindl flooring, Classen, LICO, Hymmen, Durst, Egger, MKT etc. in collaboration with R&D and supplier of equipment and coatings

LICO AG – responsible for Inkjet, new products and new technologies in flooring
– rigid board flooring production with DURST and Barberan Single pass printing lines and development of those
– development of new surfaces
– surface and material treatment (in terms of surface tension, adhesion, cleaning on molecular level etc.)
– development of outdoor flooring
– Integration of color managment inline and offline
– quality management