Some project examples;

Due to the nature of our projects we can't disclose about the majority of them but we can give some examples;

1. Design creation and sample production:

Support in the development and implementation a  design creation and sample production process with the outlook to the usage of the same for later industrial inkjet printing. 

2. Technology scouting:

Analysis of the existing and available UV rigid board printing technologies fitting to a unique demand

3. Digital printing ink consulting:

Consulting and guiding of a customer through the process of ink development for industrial single pass applications

4. Development technology development:

Development, construction assistance and implementation of a laboratory development platform for a challenging product

5. Consulting and guidance for rigid board production:
support of a customer to find the best partners for his potential future rigid board production. 

6. Hands on support for start-up and installation;
Technical advice and hands on start-up service for digital print suppliers at customer sides in the EU