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Industrial Inkjet consultants


At present time it is getting more and more complicated to keep track of daily business and to optimize to current processes and portfolios. Still everyone needs to put an eye onto new technologies offering a potential benefit to existing products or enabling the exploration of new markets. 

To complete new and demanding projects within new and unknown technologies is difficult and often not possible. The existing team needs to focus on daily duties to avoid loosing track and potentially business. Most of the time this leads to the situation that this new field is explored "as well" or it is done on the side. 

This often leads to no efficient or bad results and a frustration with the new technology. 

A technology entering more and more industrial sectors is inkjet or digital printing.  Especially visual products like interior decoration for furniture, kitchen, wall covering, cermic tiles or textile for fashion and upholstery can benefit largely from the latest developments.  

Cermic and textile market have already seen a revolution during the past 15 years and especially the texile markets are going to see more digital printing in the coming years. 

IIC has gathered a pool of highly experienced people from the relevant industries combining many years of inkjet and decorative industries knowledge and experience to help you to succeed during a journey into a potentially new field for your company.

As well we can help you with your existing inkjet production, to optimize it or evaluate potential issues.